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Chapter 1
                       Establishment and General Provisions

          Section 6. There shall be established an organization called the “War Veterans
  Organization” to be called in brief “WVO”. It will be a government and charitable  organization but will not be a state enterprise under the law on Budgetary Procedure.
 Its object is to give assistance to:-
          (1) veterans;
          (2) families of the veterans; and
          (3) ex-service soldiers.
          Section 7. The War Veterans Organization shall be a juristic person.
          Section 8. The WVO. shall have its Head Office in Changwat Phra Nakorn
  and may establish its branch offices or agencies at other places. If a branch office or
  an agency is to be established in a foreign country, permission must first be obtained
  from the Minister.
          Section 9. The WVO. shall have the following incomes:
          (1) subsidy from the Subsidy Fund of the Ministry of Defence;
          (2) money allocated from time to time by the Government;
          (3) monetary benefits and fees of the WVO.;
          (4) other moneys and properties donated to the WVO.
          Section 10. In order to carry out the object in Section 6, powers and duties
  of the WVO. shall include:
          (1) to have various real rights, hold ownership, possess, build, purchase, hire,
  let, hire-purchase, borrow, lend, provide, procure, dispose of, exchange, transfer and
  take transfer of any land or properties by any means whatsoever;
          (2) to operate, co-operate or take part with other persons in any works whether
  they be commercial businesses or not;
          (3) to loan out money with surety or security.
          Section 11. The giving of assistance to the veterans or ex-service soldiers and
  the suspension of the same shall be in accordance with the rules and manners
  prescribed in the Regulations of the War Veterans Council.
          Section 12. All activities, properties, rights, obligations and liabilities as well as
  officers, employees and funds from the budgetary appropriation belonging to the War
  Veterans Organization under the War Veterans Organization Act, B.E. 2491 shall be
  transferred to the WVO.
  In the case where the Foundation for The Thai Expeditionary Forces to Korea and
  Their Families is to be dissolved by the Council of Ministers according to its
  constitutive act, all activities, properties, rights, obligations and liabilities as well as
  officers, employees and funds from budgetary appropriation belonging to the
  Foundation shall be transferred to the WVO.
Section 13. Persons who receive assistance from the War Veterans
  Organization before the coming into force of this Act shall further receive assistance
  under this Act.




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