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> Welfare Services

          Assistance provided by WVO to eligible recipients consists of:-
  Welfare Services : This kind of welfare assistance is for disaster relief and
  promoting the well-being of veterans, ex-servicemen and their families, in the
  case of disasters such as damage of houses and farms, in the case of cripping
  injury, aid for funerals, lawsuits, provides monthly special allowance, aid for
  medical treatment, financial aid for the active servicemen engaging in fighting
  and being treated in hospital, including advice in general problems.
          In addition, WVO will give education assistance for the veterans and children
  of veterans killed in action. They would be granted assistance from kindergarten
  up to university degrees. WVO also provides scholarship in each educational
  year to veterans and their children in accordance with WVO regulations.


Welfare Services
   - Vocational Assistance
   - Agricultural Services
   - Credit for Loans
   - Medical Assistance
   - Promotion of Rights and Privileges